Cottman Man Blog Makes List Of 50 Best Auto Mechanics Blogs

The Cottman Man Blog, a new blog about transmission and general car care and service, has been named one of the Top 50 Automotive and Mechanics Blogs, in a list compiled by Direct Capital, a CIT company.

Auto Repair Blog

The Cottman Man blog ( went live only five months ago, with information on car care, servicing tips, and profiles of local Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care franchisee.

“There is a lot you can learn from mechanics, automotive repair professionals, and car lovers,” notes the Direct Capital blog. “Some of these people have taken their work and automotive interests to the blogging world, and they have a wealth of expertise, experience, and stories to share. Our list of top 50 mechanics/automotive blogs feature people who have been in the business for years, with some on a mission to help DIY mechanics, while others stress the importance of leaving your automotive repair to the professionals. Either way, these blogs are full of know-how to help you in your quest to keep your automobiles in tip-top shape.”

The listing for The Cottman Man Blog includes three posts they especially like, including My Car’s Still Under Warranty; Do I Need to Have It Serviced at the Dealer?, But Here’s What It Says on the Internet! and My Car Didn’t Start This Morning; Should I Replace the Battery?

Transmission Service Specialists

“We are extremely pleased and proud that our blog has been selected for this prestigious Top 50 list,” said Derik Beck, VP of Digital Marketing at Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care. “In addition to offering car repair and maintenance tips, we also put a focus on our franchisees who, in their communities, are the Cottman Man. These are unique stories that showcase why each Cottman owner is truly the Cottman Man in their respective neighborhoods. While the launch of the blog was only a few months ago, we have reached back in time to post a variety of different articles going back to 2013 for additional content for everyone to enjoy.”