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Exhaust System Repair In Louisville, KY

There’s a silent killer in your automobile. It can strike without warning, making you sick or, if ignored long enough, even take your life. It’s your car’s exhaust system.

Wait, silent? When an exhaust system leaks, don’t they make a lot of noise?

They used to, but today nearly every exhaust system on the road has a catalytic converter. And those converters reduce noise a lot, even before the exhaust reaches the muffler. So your car could be leaking exhaust gasses without you even realizing it.

Those exhaust gasses include carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen. Each of those gasses can make you sick… or worse. And today they can be leaking out under your car without you even noticing it… until it’s too late.


    Take A Breath, Then Take It To Cottman.

    That’s a great reason why you should bring your car to our Louisville, KY Cottman center for all your service and maintenance requirements. Because their technicians are well aware of just how easily the exhaust could be leaking, without making any unusual noises. They know what to look for, and they check the exhaust each time you bring your car in for service.

    And, if they find a problem with your car’s exhaust or muffler, they have the tools and the experience to replace it and make sure that the exhaust system retains its original integrity. So you won’t have to worry about raw exhaust leaking into your car for you to breathe.

    Not sure whether your car’s exhaust is in proper working condition? Or maybe you noticed a little engine noise or rattle from underneath your car that you never heard before? Call the Louisville, KY Cottman center today and explain your problem. They’ll get you right in and, if they find something wrong with your exhaust or muffler, they’ll work up an estimate to get your car fixed right… right away.

    So protect yourself and your family from that silent killer lurking below: Bring your car to the Louisville, KY Cottman center to have the exhaust system checked today!

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    • Last year we had a transmission that needed to be rebuilt in a 2009 Subaru Forester and brought it to Cottman based on their reviews. Greg and his team were sympathetic to the huge repair bill I was going to have, and looked for any way to safely save money. We also went ahead and replaced the timing belt and water pump based on the mileage. Having never been there before I called a few places to check that their estimate for that wasn't too much. The price was right in line with other reputable shops. 1 year later the transmission is still shifting as it should. Recently the same car had several other issues come up and I decided to try a shop down the street for diagnostics. Some of the numbers seemed a bit steep, so I took the car to Cottman for a second opinion. Greg, John and crew confirmed the issues, but the cost of the repairs seemed on par with my Google searches and I really felt comfortable having the work done there. I told them I need the car to be able to take a trip to Chicago and back, and they listed everything out in order of importance/ safety. To some it up, when we drop our cars off at Cottman, I don't feel like I'm being up sold a bunch services the vehicle doesn't need. And they stand by their work!

    • Have used Cottman transmission several times now on 1998 E150. Always professional, honest & fair priced. Greg will take the time to talk & explain the repairs needed even though the shop is busy. Would be my 1st recommendation to a friend needing repairs!

    • We love Greg and his team. They do a great job with our older vehicles, and they don't nickel and dime us. They are very honest about what needs to be fixed now, and what still has life in it.

    • Cottman handled my manual clutch replacement with exceptional service. After replacement, the truck drove like new again with the exception of a newly leaking axle seal. Cottman continued to take the truck in to resolve at no additional charge. Exceptional service and communication throughout the entire process. I highly recommend.